I recommend going to south station to catch some pics of the purple line!

2021.09.19 07:44 Baljeet-pro_pilot I recommend going to south station to catch some pics of the purple line!

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Every time I play them I get crushed. My pikes get ran over.
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2021.09.19 07:44 8kix If most local package managers like pacman and apt are open source, can other distros adopt them?

The only thing small independent distros like Void and Solus suffer from is very low software availability, at least compared to Arch-based distributions. There are a lot of cross-platform package managers like Nix, flatpak etc but I don't understand why we can't straight up install a local package manager like Pacman or apt on other distros. What's the issue? Isn't converting their package format to binaries all they do?
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2021.09.19 07:44 Ok-Nefariousness4125 Do you have to be aro-spec to not experience to any romantic crushes?

I finally figured out that I’m definitely ace. Took me a while, especially because my parents teased me about having crushes on friends until I convinced myself I did have one. But now I’m rather certain I’ve never had any crushes at all on anyone ever. But I was trying to figure out if not having a romantic crush means aro-spec. Like how someone is ace specifically because they don’t feel attraction. But I’m definitely not 100% aroace because I know I’m romantically attracted to girls. I think. I had a nice dream once where a girl kissed me. I’ll figure that out later, I just want to know if not having romantic crushes, in and of itself, is aro-spec, and if there’s a term for it.
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I have Kamara, so I picked up Deontae considering that Thomas is likely to be out for a bit
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2021.09.19 07:44 Themineking09 So I thought of a Scandinavian region and have been making notes so I want some feed back it’s far from complete and probably some misspellings in it to the Scandinavian based takken region

Takken region notes
Professor .Aspen interested of how Pokémon’s move and change in new habitats
Water starter based on Australian water dragon have a hollow tail that’s open in the end that it can shoot water from and control into a mace like ball water psychic
Fire starter fire dark angry and like making humans irritated likes setting things ablaze with its tongue is very sneaky snake it gets it’s heat from slithering on the ground at fast speeds so it gets up heat that it can store in the body and heat up it’s tongue
Grass starter grass then final form +steel it’s a hare with moss/hair it’s fast and clumsy it doesn’t need to eat it can survive As a first form a week but it likes special carrots that’s grows in a special soil here in the takken region and it gets so much iron that it’s starts manifesting iron on it’s body in form of spike armor with it’s moss under as heater
Mid game mon grass psychic two stager. It’s gets it’s power from the flower it grows in its spiraling tail it’s a squirrel it is very jumpy and likes to run around in the trees and it sometimes fall of the tree but it can use it’s psychic powers to slow dawn in the sky as fully evolved it also use the powers to get to or steal nuts and berries also it is a squirrel (ratatoskr)in Yggdrasil and you need to have one to unlock xerneas and zygarde and yahveltal
A early route Rodent based on a lemming Pokémon is a good at burrowing many tunnels and sometimes it makes more unstable tunnels so when you step on it you fall down like a trap be it works really god for hunting but trapinches sometimes take these traps for own pray. they are rivaling digletts with their burrowing
Early bird based on a magpie they are often seen in parks or trees they like shiny things like silver ware and sometimes steal from the humans but they sometimes let rookidie eggs be in their nest because they are near corvinights has the pickpocket ability
Mosquito bug poison with its big needle it can spray out poison
Pikachu clone based on a vole that swims it’s water electric and zapps in the water to kill small Pokémon’s that it gnaws on and it leaves the bigger things for other Pokémon’s can eat it sometimes walks up on land to eat small seeds and other things
Moose Pokémon’s One is a water type based on one protected moose when humans was hunting moose one swimmed to an island under the time The other one is an angry moose that’s fighting normal and got really high attack stat and can be super angry and just chase you but you can calm them down with bananas also they are found in forest
A geyser Pokémon fire water: it’s when it’s angry starts boiling and shoots water from the big holes on its back it’s said that before they got heater to heat up the homes and hood electricity source they used the water from it also it is too tier drink water if you cool it and is very clean
Narwhal Pokémon fairy water it’s horn is as hard as steel and many thought it was from a legendary creature from the heavens and worshipped the horns and it was sold for million pokedollars and the horn give the Pokémon’s all its power
Takkenian reuniclus bug/poison based on a dangerous virus that makes you sick they fly around and mostly want to multiply and is spreads a poisonous fumes around when reuniclus come to the takken region it was to slow and slowly decreased so it evolved to survive and became lighter and faster and they needed to reproduce to become more
humanoid fighting type with a staff that swings around on its staff it’s has really strong legs and can jump 50 kilometers up in the sky and you don’t want to take its swift powerful barrage of kicks that can break thick pieces of tungsten in one kick you see it training in the forest and fights between hitmonlees are not uncommon it’s even tournament between them and they can help take down trees for industry
Ghost type based on “gruvfrun”/the ruler of the Falun mine. is a shapeshifter that often takes form of a beautiful woman in the mines and try to scare away humans that utilize the ores if she was in a good mood she could help with finding big veins of ores or warn about dangers it’s also really strong in battle by bringing bad luck to the Pokémon and trainer for ever ,if you get it’s trust
Border collie Pokémon that is herding mareeps and woolo it’s black with big white spots and is a big coating of fur that’s for the cold winters they are also they are fast and fats at turning corners and they are quite intelligent
Norwegian forest cat Pokémon ice type. It a breed Pokémon that didn’t appear naturally but they have really glossy fur if you hear a cling from their ice claws then you might be able to find one many trainers have one as a pet and they are very trusting and cuddle with trainers but in battles they can be aggressive with it’s swipes with it’s frozen claws and sturdy body they are also adventurous
Takkenian charizard ghost dragon it’s flame burned out one day and it passed away but it came back to life with anger that unlocked it’s draconic side and turned into a dangerous aggressive beast evolves when you’ve lost 30 battles in a row and it has friendship of 35- and is holding a mystic water under those 30 battles and it can’t be found wild
Takkenian hippowdon fire rock type It’s spews out of its ports ash and gunpowder coal and it can combust with a big explosion or just flames in it. It’s found often by volcanos where it burrows into the ground
Takkenian skarmory grass fighting It’s defense started to not work as good as a strategy for survival so it started landing on the ground training and it started to grow intsead of steel feathers it was sharper leaf blades with still some metal so it’s really sharp but when it doesn’t work it will run into you beak first and then it’s strong legs with a kick it started even hunt after small eggs to eat
Takkenian sableye fairy type It’s mischievous and like to mess with the humans but often hides from them in dark places they run around with it’s gems on the back they it gets it’s magic from when the sun is bright it often strikes
Eurasian eagle-owl Pokémon psychic/???
Rock/dark Guardian lion from Chinese legends it came to life after years of scaring away evil spirits it will now chase the spirits it’s often found battling spiritomb
Takkenian mawile fire type It has a big mouth on its head and it often spit flames from it it sometimes tricks humans to give it food and it can heat up that food with its flames if you start smelling smoke then it could be a mawile that had come and you better give it some food or else it will burn down your house
Takkenian garbodor Both wheezing and muk have forms and they are a bit of a trio. It could be a more beach Pokémon with instead of trash it could be sand or some clams/shellders it could be wateground or rock if you wanted to make it more of rocks it could also be more of a seaweed on it they are slimes and found much sea grass when I swam in the in “the North Sea” or västerhavet near solvik it could be water grass
Takkenian bisharp fire steel with molten blades it can harden then at will
Drakeon golden skin based on fafnir it is greedy and chaotic serpentine tail with magical whiskers with a lot of power sometimes they fall if and it grows into a majestic flower and the petals when consumed can boost some Pokémon’s power if you tame it it’s a really reliably strong eevelution that’s really tame it can even swim but not as good as vaporeon it’s really hard to find in the wild with a 5% of finding One in the grass in one of the later routes(random)but to evolve you have to Getting happiness to high and at night give it an dragon fang
A skeleton grim reaper Pokémon dark steel type it’s based on grimtons radio station in varberg. the chilling clings from their bones you hear from them is a kind of Morse code we humans think but we haven’t been able to translate and they usually calls on the houndooms in the areas when they feel when someone’s life is about to end but when they come you know your demise is going to be horrifying and often bloody .their bones is as hard as steel and sharp enough to cut easily thru the hardest minerals and crystals we think that they have lived for thousand of years and they have woken up from the underground they drag around with heavy steel chains that comes when they were trapped by the ancient humans when they gets you you become their slave Name:grimton for grim skeleTON grim-reaper and ton= a lot and grimton(where it’s inspiration is)
Mercury Pokémon steel poison maybe something about the planet Mercury
Watedragon pseudo legendary based on jörmungandr and a hydra with a big demonic swords tail that’s razor sharp and its so long and it hides it’s sword like tail by hiding it within it’s mouth and when it spins around it makes raging whirlpools it is even good on land slithering around on the move really fast by it’s almost always wet skin. If it has to fight long range it shoots powerful beams of pure dragon energy.it has a battle strategy that is that it shoots its beam and when it’s opponent is flinched by all the light it’s comes closer and impales the opponents. Has a sig move malicious beam cutter with a 30 percent flinch rate 100 bp 24 pp and have a 5 percent rate to freeze/paralyze/burn/confusion and its a special move that determines the damage by the opponents defense stat
A Viking Pokémon
Modern chandelure electric/steel
A peregrine falcon Pokémon flying/electric it’s dives down faster than a jet plane and is called the “flying lightning bolt” for its speed and it’s to get food dive down in the deep and electrocute everything in a close range and then fly up and take the fried fish that’s floated up and it sometimes just wait until “the pikaclone” does it for it it’s a fierce fighter in the sky to with its strong strong beak and legs the pidgey and pidove lines is often pray but it sometimes help the starly line if it’s low of food
Cheetah Pokémon fighting electric it’s quite calm and takes it time to select pray but when it have spotted it’s pray it goes with it’s lightning fast reflexes running to it before the opponents even have seen it and it attacks from the back at its neck it has a long tail and thin legs and a light build to it’s speed And it’s stimulating it’s muscles with bigger electric shocks that makes the muscles faster
Ghost normal cat Pokémon with shadow tag and is found quite early. that have already used up its 9 lives but wanted to still be in this word so it’s survived half dead it’s now wanders around on the earth and it can make others stay frozen unable to move for a bit
Fire/grass carolina reaper Pokémon with some inspirations from ghost peppers that shoots a strong burning acid from its abdomen at predators it can often be found in gardens but strangely Pokémon’s like oddish looks like they flew when it come near
Third additional legendary in the trio of dialga palkia and giratina a hidden dragon that was made from arceus that the story just have been found in the post game could have something with jade grass/dragon and the one that bring the nature like forests and is hidden in a thick ancient forest in a temple could look kinda like a mincraft jungle temple and it got locked away for its power
Arceus ultimate with 205 in every stat
Cover legendarys:they have both a bit of yin and yang origins and should be seen as opposites light being fairy/water feminine and dark with dark/fire more masculine with some origins form the sun and moon but a lot less then the gen 7 legendarys they could have something with the two could be based on sol and mani horses that made day and night without being horses could also be ancestors for cresselia and darkrai
the light one is more on bulk/support with great defenses and hp and ~70 in offense/speed that flows out the light like a stream of water
The dark one is more on offense/speed and makes dark fog to hide in or combust into a giant explosion or it goes on the more close combat when it’s smoke comes it often want to end the battle it can have nightvision
Sandstorm castform rock type with inspirations of a dust devil that twirls around with its sand
False swipe copies with different types
Ghost snake Pokémon maybe legendary? Have a relation with runerigius. The first one maybe was sacred for the people and it has a monument with runerigus around it maybe a temple like Taj Mahal and the trainer got bitten by maybe an arbok and he was resurrected as this Pokémon an important person maybe something like gustav vasa. It can have serene grace as one ability and have a signature move that flinches it can form copies of ectoplasma and they can breed so that’s how it exists multiple
Phantom slam? A ~70 bp move that flinches appears behind the opponent and slam it with a phantom limb and is physical ghost move with a 30% flinch rate probably the signature move of the ghost snake pokemon
The region is based on Scandinavia and Iceland and many Pokémon’s have moved from many other regions and it often appears new Pokémon’s or old that have changed by traveling habitats that’s why e many new forms have come to the region compared from others and also many new species have been found that don’t look like it originally came from the takken region Name takken from Japanese Hakken means discovery and tanken meaning exploration on top of the region is a tundra but the more you go south the clearer is the four seasons Titles: light&darkness?
Part of story based on ragnarok similar to the darkest day but no dying
Starter sig move Water: marine mine strike special bp 80 sets up one layer of spikes it uses its water bending power to control into a spiked ball with spikes inside then it burst it and spikes fly around the opponents field Fire sig move Fire:Fire serpent lash physical bp 70 with 40 percent flinch rate and ten percent burn the Pokémon sneaks up on its enemy and surprises it by whipping it with its burning tounge Grass:moss launcher status makes the opponents part of the battle field mossy for 5 turns and makes them 25 percent slower and make lowers the opponents damage by 10 percent the Pokémon shoots of spikes with spores that’s starts rapidly grow when it hits the ground
Starters ability: regular overgrow/blaze/torrent and hidden grass:iron barbs fire:prankster and water:magic guard
Burning caltrops: status sets up flaming caltrops that burns Pokémon’s that make contact with the ground layerd two times can’t be used when it’s toxic spikes in the opponents side and vice versa and first layer normal but other layer badly burned makes special moves have a ten percent chance to fail and physical moves halved power and it decreases the hp by 1/9 percent of the full Health
Change:psychic is now resistant to poison because the reason psychic is super effective is that psychic have build up a immunity so poison is useless against psychics an immunity sounds to good so it’s just a resistance
New item :draconia petal abstained by finding draconia flowers that grows near places drakeons are or you have a 15% chance that it’s holding one when captured. It gives a boost to the elemental attacks (water grass fire electric ice dragon) by a 1.3 boost
Version exclusive:peregrine falcon&cheetah
Gym leaders
5? Andy(andesite) or Cole(coal) depending on version rock type they are Brothers and later on you can find their home with the other brother also a friend of their named jaiden(jade) that isn’t at the gym ready for a battle their gym challenge is to get a Pokémon with rock smash and then have it break giant boulders some have coal some are andesite some have diamonds and the diamonds are the rarest and gives the highest points and if you’re in Andy’s gym coal will also give points and reverse
6 dark. Ince(sinister, insidious and incident)?
7 steel midas(man with golden touch) his gym is by the golden beach(from the tale he washed of the touch in the sea) he wears a glove on the right hand, has a shiny steelix but not as his ace
8 (Phan)Tom royal prideful man that has trevenant lucario(a partner when he trained) “the gruvfrun Pokémon”, someone else and the “ghost snake Pokémon “ as his ace.he is the grandson of the king Phan and took the lastname phan he after beaten can be found in the ruins of phan he also was in the evil group and represented pride but left and died down on his pride but he’s still a bit especially with being the “strongest trainer ever”
Elite four
Fighting Ragnar sound rough and is from regnarok and have name origins form army is pretty important in the plot
Champion: hercules a hero on Greek myth that does impossible things also hero also has origins from glory also god of strength also the “Hercules flower” is meaning of strength and determination
a place is the ruins of Phan?where you find the “ghost snake Pokémon” can be some lore about a king that sailed to the takken region name phan and died here. Friends with Ragnar . And some plot happends with the remains of the sinful seven
The “sinful seven” is a group with seven representants Tom was in the group as the leader and represented pride he left after being beaten up hard he took sometime and trained in the forest he now can see things that other maybe can’t he came back as a gym leader then it’s a lazy guy with slow Pokémon or sleeping like slaking and komala, Wrath is an angry man that easily gets angry at the most things and has things like takkenian hippowdon and grimeton an very envious woman that’s envious of Tom being the leader and so strong she is kind of a rival to him she own a zoroark, and then there’s to members that got kicked out of the group before Tom left they wasn’t helpful to the group(it was the ones that represented lust and greed) and you can read a bit about them in the ruins of phan they got replaced with the egoistic one
Trick room on entry ability And a mediocrely fast Pokémon ~70 and ok support not the best
Purifier ability turns dark type moves into fighting on an psychic type Pokémon about light
Thunderclap strike physical ~ 90 bp 100% has a higher chance to crit and a 10% chance to paralyze the user swings it claws(or similar thing) loaded with electricity really fast at the opponent It’s a physical pretty strong move that many Pokémon can learn also zebstrika and luxray have to get it
Physical fairy type moves Magic punch? Confusion chance
More Pokémon’s that can fly like garchomp and yanmega can learn fly
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