You’re cordially invited to the save-money-on-phone-service party I started with Visible Party Pay →

2021.09.19 06:26 FabulousFranks You’re cordially invited to the save-money-on-phone-service party I started with Visible Party Pay →

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2021.09.19 06:26 GeeNFT Why, just why ?

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2021.09.19 06:26 Ancient-Metal-386 Hair loss! solution to your hair loss problem

no matter what your hair type is, my vegan shampoo and conditioner, and hair oil which will be in during the month of October, will accelerate hair growth and thicken your hair will its blend of aloe vera, shakakai, amla,and henna. Its formulated to attack the source of the problem in a blink of an eye. message me or chat with me to get the link! and the best part is, its affordable for everyone
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2021.09.19 06:26 deathstar918 Brothers and sisters in Christ I ask that you would pray for me.

So for the past week and a half I have been going through a terrible drought in faith. I know that the Lord is still with me and that this is only temporary but man this is difficult. Ever moment I attempt to spend time with God in worship or prayer I'm just overcome with doubt. I hate it and it makes me feel as if I don't have a relationship with God anymore. Now I have gone through this before but it was so much shorter so I just asking that you may pray for me that I may be able to see the light of God again.
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2021.09.19 06:26 steeleyeddeath Limiting the number of allowed matches.

We all have heard of those of us which get more matches than they can manage. I have heard it called "analysis paralysis"
Many complain here everyday that their matches won't respond. I would suggest that we limit the number of allowed matches a user is allowed to keep.
We should have a set number of likes which we are allowed to distribute as we please. Let's say 15 likes(It doesn't have to be 15, it could be any number). I send likes to 15 profiles and match with only 10 of them. When a profile rejects a like from me I will get my like back. I have only 5 likes to distribute as long as I have still have those 10 matches. Women still have 24 hours to message first and men have 24 hours to respond.
This would encourage thoughtful swiping as well as an incentive to message your matches. No more dead end matches or low effort conversations. There are so many dead conversations on my account it's not even funny!
If you don't want to talk, just unmatch!
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2021.09.19 06:26 brothulhu420 Preservers?

So I love the Preservers fluff is favorite and I'm trying to figure out what goofy things I can do with them, any suggestions?
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2021.09.19 06:26 Sherman2020 (XB1) Looking for Pearl Artifact with msg size and fire rate bonuses 🌟

I’m in Xbox and I’ve gotten bad rolls twice in a row for the pearl. I’d really appreciate if anyone has any extra ones they could give me. My GT is KryptixFaMe, thank you!
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2021.09.19 06:26 Tarpy7297 To ambush, surprise, attack Ma.

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2021.09.19 06:26 CabinLeaderAdrian Spider Help

Hello everyone! So I am very afraid of spiders (I understand its irrational and they help kill other bugs but I cannot stop it) and I believe they are coming through some vents in my apartment. What is the best way to deal with this? Is there a way I can plug up the vent with mesh without having to take it out? Will things like Ortho Home Defense do the job on its own? Any inquiries are welcome!
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2021.09.19 06:26 yeboiwoo Think I might have sovial anxiety??

So I've always been somewhat shy but due to the pandemic it's gotten so much worse. I recently entered a new school and it's felt like hell, each time someone talks to me I can't focus on what we're saying, I'll just be paying attention to how I'm standing or if I'm looking at them weird. I hate the small talk but I just want to talk to someone, you know? I just want to talk to some of the people there and say "hey do you know when the test is?" but I can't bring myself to say it since I keep overthinking and worrying I'm interrupting them. Guess I just want a second opinion tbh since no one I know really understands how much of a pain it is to talk or be around people.
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2021.09.19 06:26 sinderellaxfeet Before he cam

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2021.09.19 06:26 Plaplalpla Is it ok to go to law form and offer them to work for free?

Hello everyone, I’m an international LLM student graduating this semester and I really need to work in US before going back to my country I’m thinking about going to law firm and offer them to work for free as a paralegal or research assistant or legal intern or whatever. Does this work in US? In my home country that’s how I got my first job but I’m not sure about US. Please help
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2021.09.19 06:26 night6mare9 Someone wanna chat for a bit I'm bored af. DMs open

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2021.09.19 06:26 Ownit070700 Sleepers wake UP!

These are serious times were in; discussion about it all is so disjointed, makes me wonder if people are perceiving the onslaught the US is under: spiritually, politically, socially. The shell game has never been better played; everyone looks one way, while the real attacks happen right under our noses.
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2021.09.19 06:26 zeroair [WTB] Weekly Want To Buy Post

This is the weekly WTB post! Please post all your Want To Buy (WTB) needs here!!
Please make a top-level reply to this post with your watch needs! Any top-level comment that isn't a WTB request will be removed without notice.
Here's a request-format suggestion:
Acceptable Price:
Acceptable Condition: Beware of Scams!! The vast majority of scams in watchexchange happen because of WTB requests.
Buyers: Require that someone responding to your WTB comments in this thread. Commenting here proves that they are not banned from this sub. On the other hand, if they can't/won't/offer excuses/any other thing then just they are a banned scammer!

You should be skeptical of people responding to your WTB!!!
Do not let a scammer be more diligent than you! You can see other [WTB] threads here.
The [WTB] tag will be used only by moderators of watchexchange; any and all WTB needs shall be handled in this thread.
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2021.09.19 06:26 iPity1991 Play the fucking game

4 fucking times I have fucking queued in ranked conquest. Still no game, because of cunts not selecting a God. And it's always the last God to pick. If you are busy, stay out the goddamn queue!
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2021.09.19 06:26 Sclera_Apoc We mustn’t forget their underhanded trickery.

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2021.09.19 06:26 handsofhope Fountain of the Earth Mother

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2021.09.19 06:26 bloomspicy she wanted my food

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2021.09.19 06:26 CaptnCreeper What does this mean? How do I fix it? This happens every time I launch siege. This started after I downloaded another game.

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2021.09.19 06:26 I_CC_PrOdiGy_I Finally lvl 100 sadly without red longbow

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2021.09.19 06:26 Usual-Environment179 Call of Duty anniversary

I am waiting for the anniversary so eagerly that I am not playing CodM right now. I want that CodM will give me a good surprise. This is my first year CodM anniversary as I downloaded it atleast 5 months ago and I joined this reddit community 10 days ago. I AM VERY EXCITED UFFF....
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2021.09.19 06:26 soulmate_655 🥰😍STRIPCHAT SOME VIEDØ COLLECTION 🙈🤤 DON'T MISS🔥🔥 LINK in comment's 👇👇👇

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2021.09.19 06:26 RafutariaFan4Life Small Mostima That Wake You Up With a Chu (By @na_tarapisu153, TLTS By Me)

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2021.09.19 06:26 fish4203 Vault tech and the bombs

I know that in fo3 and new Vegas there are unexploded nukes that have vault tech logos on them but is there any other evidence that vault tech dropped the nukes?
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