The Last Stand Legacy Collection

2021.09.19 07:45 Elegant_Whole3277 The Last Stand Legacy Collection

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2021.09.19 07:45 Mandalafreak PAC Man Mandala🎮

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2021.09.19 07:45 FizzlePopBerryTwist Do any space explorers carry guns? Could you even fire a gun in space?

Like when the USA landed on the moon, were they armed? What if aliens had attacked them?
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2021.09.19 07:45 6678910 Chapter 1 or chapter 2

Which one do u think is better?
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2021.09.19 07:45 mandoa_sky Sunday Reflection Ideas

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2021.09.19 07:45 jesus_monke Uh oh

The grades have arrived, my one C- is gonna piss my mom
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2021.09.19 07:45 squanchando Política, geopolítica e história. Este sub também é cultura.

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2021.09.19 07:45 Wael747 Is it me?

I grew up in a pretty not so social environment. I was lonely for the most part since I was a kid. I literally don't talk with my dad unless it is important mostly academic related. I get along better with my mom better but I don't have that mother's connection that develops when you spend time, do things together, talk which I didn't. The ppl who I am most comfortable with are my brothers and they are why I call home home. I think this has affected my ability to communicate with people especially my friends. I would love to get closer to them, but just don't know how. I can't start conversations without thinking about them and I am even worse while replying back after they said something, I just smile or say something if I know how. I am content with the place I am in currently, but this has affected me since I was a kid. I would always be "the black sheep" of the group, and the only was I felt I could escape that is through work as I don't have to be agonized every time trying to not make talking with me weird. I have tried hard. I try to talk about as much as I can but because I didn't have lot of outdoor experience there's nothing to connect to. Since grade school, I go to school and back home, no out door stuffs. I notice little things like I would be lost in conversations, they'd forget to invite me to do sth and when ever I am not there, I feel like they're having fun. I would like to part of but I feel I am just a ghost in human body and if I was erased noting would change. I would always ask why? But when I look back, I think this was a process. How I grew up affected my this and it's fucking shit because it was fucking 18 years process and its not I could change it like a switch. I am trying to accept the problem is with me. It's not a question. I just wanted to let my feeling out.
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2021.09.19 07:45 Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Anyone else feel left out because you’re a woman?

I can’t help but feel like it’s a bad thing for me to be female. I love feminine things and just being a girl in general, but when I’m in social situations with groups of men I feel excluded, I’m not “one of the boys” and I never can or will be. Two of my closest friends are boys, and even though it’s ridiculous because they aren’t, it can feel almost like they’re teaming up on me sometimes.
That combined with all the boys vs girls memes and such I see online, I feel very isolated from my male friends sometimes. I’ve never had a lot of girly friends either, so I don’t fit in with being a very feminine person doing things like makeovers and such with girl friends either. I don’t feel like I fit in in that sense with anyone. I’m also young, so that might have to do with people around me and myself having that sort of mentality.
Does anyone else feel excluded and just bad about being a girl too?
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2021.09.19 07:45 Gloomy_Job_1538 What is something you did once that is in your live forever?

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2021.09.19 07:45 HypnotizedNeverLie Russian Drug Company to Produce AstraZeneca Vaccine -- but Only for Export

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2021.09.19 07:45 hamzasid412 hmmmmmm

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2021.09.19 07:45 TakeThatSpiderman [Question] Does anyone have a file download for flow gesture? The repo is down

I’m on iOS 13.5 odyssey. I also need a file for sposify version 8.6.58. Thanks!
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2021.09.19 07:45 AndrewBlossoms We're having a "feild" day apparently

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2021.09.19 07:45 GamedatabasE Chasing Static Official Trailer

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2021.09.19 07:45 Elneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I support you

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2021.09.19 07:45 Meme_Brewery Morning in the Lilies

Leaning into the violets
A beautiful silence
They draw me in,
It’s not a sin.
Waking up in a bed of lilies
We’re being a little silly
She grabs my hair
Like she’d completed a dare.
My heart skips
And her lips
Smell of roses
She poses
I’m about to lose it
I already lost it
She knows it
She smiles, looks into my eyes
Eyes under a disguise
I hide the real me
I don’t think I could let her see
I wish I’d never wake up
From this dream of mine
She doesn’t need to fear waking up
She doesn’t need that makeup
I just wanted her to be mine
I just want her to be mine
It’s not fair
Her auburn hair
Lays gracefully on her bare
Shoulders, curvy lines
The color of autumn pines
Smoldering, the fire of her spirit
I can sense it.
Her heart and hopes fell
Long ago
It seems like she forgot
What life should be like
I miss her so,
But we had to go
Let each other go.
So every morning, I remember
Those lilies of September
The violets of the dew
Of a love anew
Every night I recall
How the stars fall,
Now it’s just how they used to fall
The lights dimmed to purple
The lamp with tree leaves
The moment her fear leaves
Her auburn hair, porcelain skin
I’ll forever cherish from far away.
Link 1
Link 2
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2021.09.19 07:45 i_fuckd_ur_mother I want to tell my mum I’m lesbian

I know she’s not homophobic but idk how to say it
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2021.09.19 07:45 FirstCaramel6877 Week off

Anybody else think they took the week off so everyone would have time to watch mysterious videos so Ethan wouldn’t have to go out of his way and make a video to explain everything going on 👀
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2021.09.19 07:45 mdskullslayer Reddit is ruining me. Who is this the first thing that came to mind…

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2021.09.19 07:45 NewsElfForEnterprise Darren Star Reflects on Emily in Paris' Emmys Success, Predicts Season 2 Will Be 'Stronger'

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