What wire do I need for “with neutral” smart switches in the Philippines (PH)?

2021.09.19 07:02 iammatthewtang What wire do I need for “with neutral” smart switches in the Philippines (PH)?

What wire do I need for “with neutral” smart switches in the Philippines (PH)? Question:
What wire do I need for “with neutral” smart switches in the Philippines (PH)?
Specifically, in an urban area (Metro Manila) that uses Line-to-Line ?
Philippine Standards and Common Practices:
PH standard is 220V, 60HZ.
Urban areas tend to have a Three wire 120/240V Systems (aka Split-Phase System)
  • 2 * 120 VAC line (hot) wires and 1 * neutral that is grounded in the electrical pole
  • Total 240 V
Rural areas tend to have Two wire 230V Systems (more recently implemented circa 60's-70's)
  • 1 * 230 VAC line (hot) wire and 1 * neutral
  • Total 230 V

In effect, most areas in the PH only have 2 wires provisioned in light receptacle boxes:
Urban: Live + Live (120V + 120V)
  • (Colloquially called Line-to-Line. Sometimes referred to as Line1 and Line2)
Rural: Live + Neutral (230V + 0V)
  • (Colloquially called Line-to-Neutral. Sometimes referred to as Line-to-Ground)
Commonly Grounding / Earthing is not available but can be requested by property owner at their own expense.
Source of Confusion:
Given the different terminologies used locally as well as different set ups in Urban and Rural areas, you can see how confusing this can get!
The brand I’ve chosen to go with is Aqara (D1) but this seems to apply to all smart switches that require a neutral line.
(I know Aqara has a non-neutral version and I’ve already installed and tested these myself. While they’re good, I want to go with a “with neutral” version since it’s more reliable vs the non-neutral variant.
I also had an issue a while back with using 50hz in the PH’s 60hz but I’ve since confirmed from the manufacturer that this should be okay since voltage is the same and difference in frequency is negligible)
Confirmation from manufacturer

Going back... most residential properties in my area - I live in Metro Manila- don’t have neutral wires (Line-to-Line only) but since I’m going to have my house renovated anyway, I can have the “neutral wire” set during construction so this is ideal in my situation.
Unfortunately, nobody seems to know WHAT the “neutral wire” is.

  • Our electrical engineer isn’t familiar with the term or smart switches in general.

  • Some local technicians i’ve asked seem to interchange the term “ground” with “neutral” (which I understand shouldn’t be the case. Some, not all, technicians here seem to be loosey-goosey on proper electrical terms… smh)

  • 1st supplier I asked says “neutral” wire Is same as “ground” wire. “Just have contractor put ground wire as a provision.”

  • 2nd supplier I asked says “no, ‘ground’ is different from ‘neutral’ You need to get ‘Line 2’ from the ceiling and use that to power the ’N’ port.”

Here is the manufacturer’s diagram for reference:

Diagram for Aqara with Neutral

Diagram from a different brand but same ports
N = Neutral
L = Live (or Hot)
L1, L2, L3 = Load (or locally sometimes referred to as Return locally )

In short, given that I live in an urban area (Metro Manila) and have Live-to-Live (Line-to-Line) power, what wire do I need to tell my contractor to provision for, for smart switches that require a “neutral line” in the Philippines?
Bonus question:
how about in rural areas that use Line-to-Neutral?
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I like kitchensink and as much variety as possible, so All the Mods 3 Lite caught my eye, but I kinda want something with a quest book, if only just to tell you what's in the pack and give suggestions about what to do.
Anything similar to ATM3L that has a questbook?
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2021.09.19 07:02 ZoobBot 173749

This is the 173749th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.19 07:02 your_religioniswrong IIL movies, series, anime, manga with lots of sudden & unexpected significant events that made you pause it for a moment.

Ever had a story do something abrupt and heavy that it made you take a quick break so you could process what's happening? Authors killing off main characters in succession, excessive casualties, worthless sacrifices, permanent consequences, & Murphy's Law taken to the extreme are some examples.
I usually only see these stories in action, mystery, tragedy, thriller, & horror genres but I'm open to anything new. Thriller & horror genres in particular do this the most but a lot of them do it poorly, making them ineffective and just 'meh'.

Tarantino movies - A rush of sudden deaths and events towards the end of most movies. Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained are my favourites.
Kingsman - Almost every character from the first movie dies in the first few minutes of the second movie.
Catch-22 - The first half of the book was pretty fun and comedic so the latter half caught me off guard. The series did the same but for each episode instead.
The Boys - I really like the antagonists of this series, they fill me with dread in a way I've never experienced before.
Invincible - Pretty much the same with The Boys but I think I enjoyed this more. The climax is really good.
Attack On Titan - The first special operations squad is a great example of hyping up a team just for them to die literally in the next few episodes.
Chainsaw Man - You'd be surprised by the sudden death of one but they somehow reincarnates so you'd feel safe the next time they die, but then they actually do die wtf.

Thanks for the suggestions! just don't add too much plot, maybe tell me how you feel about it instead.
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Yes, it's completely F'ing broken. No surprise with Jumpers. My question for the masses though, is 'too big for a Fighter Plane?'
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This is actually serious as ridiculous as it sounds lmao he even forces her to show him every text message she receives. The same person who routinely offers me a ride home, if they see me on my way to work, and if we both work until 4 one time even wanted to give me a ride home when she wanted to leave early around 12 and wanted me to stay until 4. Almost like we're all legit friends to this hell/awkwardness going forward
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