r/formula1 - Why does it still feel so good that Daniel Ricciardo won last week?

2021.09.19 08:05 formula1raceing r/formula1 - Why does it still feel so good that Daniel Ricciardo won last week?

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2021.09.19 08:05 awhitej29 First Tattoo Design and Advice!

I'm a 20M looking to get my first tattoo soon. I've got a few questions to ask so I hope I'm in the right place!

  1. I am 5'10 and only ~135lbs, so I am really skinny and do not have much body to use for canvass, and I really want to get my first tattoo on my shoulder. Is this a bad idea in terms of how much it will limit what I can do and what will look good? Also, how concerned should I be about the tattoo warping if I ever gain weight/muscle? And is the shoulder (the meaty part at the top of the arm, not the bone) particularly painful?
  2. I'm not very artistic and I'm worried that I won't be able to give the artist a clear picture of what I want without settling for a generic design from the internet. Is helping you come up with the design something they expect to do or is that not really part of their job?
  3. I'm looking into getting a Red Hot Chili Peppers-themed tattoo and I'd really like to base it on their Californication album and the song Scar Tissue specifically, any ideas? I want to come up with as much of the design on my own, but any inspiration would be appreciated!
Thanks so much for the help!!!
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2021.09.19 08:05 TheVarnAttack What is sex supposed to be like?

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2021.09.19 08:05 PhoeniixRL [Xbox] [H] White Reaper GE [W] 90k

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2021.09.19 08:05 ExiledUK 3200ACM + FTTH

Hey All,
First post in a long time so forgive any errors.
I am currently using one of the custom (I believe DDWRT based) firmwares from ExpressVPN on my 3200ACM router with my Vodafone original hardware in basically bridge mode.
Everything is working fine in the current setup (arguably), however I want to get rid of the Vodafone equipment for sake of ease (and an extra plug socket) and also switch away from ExpressVPN.
I have been battering my head against stock DD-WRT firmware and cannot for the life of me get it to work in either bridge mode or standalone. Many forum posts saying various forms of VLAN setups and configs however I have been completely unsuccessful.
I realise its a longshot but does anyone have any ideas at all by some weird chance?
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2021.09.19 08:05 digitalmunster eli5: what is sex & why does it sell?

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2021.09.19 08:05 na445x Playing Shionne as DPS

Note: minor spoilers - I mention some characters that join your party
I've spent ample time maining each of the characters. Of all of them, I have had the MOST fun playing as Shionne.
Most people write her off as a healer or a weak caster. Even I largely handed her off to the AI so that she could soley focus on keeping Law and Rinwell alive. However, once Dohalim joined my party and offered a second source of healing, I decided to revisit Shionne's skill tree and artes list to see if she could be any thing more than a healer. What I discovered is that she actually has an awesome ability kit!
Once you look past the healing, everything about Shionne screams agile gunslinger. She moves across the battlefield with speedy/agile looking animations. Several of her gun moves actually cause her to dash around the field. All of her gun attacks are instant and very dynamic. She can fire straight bursts of gun fire, or spread blaster beams across the field. She can lob bombs with different effects and elements across the field and trigger very respectable damage.
She has a great set of mid-air skills that she can string together to great effect, and I believe she also has one instant ability for every element type.
Now I know that she doesn't have the same raw damage potential as Rinwell, Alphen, or Law, but there is something about her gameplay that makes her so much more satisfying to use.

Has anyone else given Shionne a try as their main character? If so, have you tried playing her as an agile gunslinger? What were your thoughts?
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2021.09.19 08:05 digitalthoughtz B2B Marketing in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

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2021.09.19 08:05 Fearlessgem8196 Looking for help to recreate a sound

I'm soon going to be doing a live performance of a song for a uni assessment and would like to replicate a sound for part of the performance. Here's a link to the yt video - I'm after the intro synth arp thing. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.19 08:05 IAmAllergicToHumans VS WHITTY!?!?!?!1/1!1/!/1!/1/1!/!/1! 😳😳😳😳😳😂🤣

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2021.09.19 08:05 pythonapster Ron Chernow: Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. [Kindle Edition] $3 ~ Amazon [Deal Price: $2.99]

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2021.09.19 08:05 Heisenburg_er The absolute is Syphus.....

Hey guys. I have this very disturbing theory. I think that absalate, absolute and virgo are code names or as syntec use them "project names." In this video the phantom says that the absalate was Wes and he says that he is the absolute. What if the absolute is Syphus? It would make sense right? What if Syphus is controlling Benjamin's mind, we have seen a mind control device shown before. What if it worked out and Syphus is using it on Benjamin. It looks like Benjamin is fighting something within himself. And I also think that virgo is a project name or code name for Benjamin and the date he tells is maybe the first time he joined syntec or maybe the first time the mind control rig worked out? I think that Syphus uses Benjamin's body to do some bad things. Including killing Wes. We can also see him threatening himself by saying "I will kill her". And I think that it's Nelson saying that he will kill deb if Benjamin says who did it and what is actually going on with him. I don't know guys it's just a theory, you guys can correct me if I'm wrong. I've posted this in spellbound + and YouTube. You guys can check it out there too.
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2021.09.19 08:05 Maskless_Warrior My Your Smile Direct Journey (invisible braces)

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2021.09.19 08:05 Thedepressionoftrees someone should do this and report back to us

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2021.09.19 08:05 Universate Fuck this game im leaving, got hell let loose, looks amazing

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2021.09.19 08:05 sully23456 Finally, I maxed out all premium normals

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2021.09.19 08:05 jrdeals My dad in 1964. Negative film scan

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2021.09.19 08:05 Glad_Stable_5710 Brand new team just made called Thee War Lords need new recruits 700mp (open) too join must be active atm

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2021.09.19 08:05 psi-love Mein Vater, der Außerirdische - Die ganze Doku | ARTE

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2021.09.19 08:05 Ordinary_Demand_8620 The good ole time

Destiny 1 kings fall raid hard mode
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2021.09.19 08:05 LilyMcAllister [Shoppers Drug Mart Canada] Bonus redemption event, available until Wednesday, September 22/,21, where you can: Redeem 50,000 points and get up to $65 off, or Redeem 100,000 points and get up to $140 off, or Redeem 200,000 points and get up to $300 off

[Shoppers Drug Mart Canada] Bonus redemption event, available until Wednesday, September 22/,21, where you can: Redeem 50,000 points and get up to $65 off, or Redeem 100,000 points and get up to $140 off, or Redeem 200,000 points and get up to $300 off submitted by LilyMcAllister to SweetDealsCA [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 08:05 bpfc91 Relocating to Texas from Las Vegas

I'm looking to live in the Ft. Worth area. Any teachers on here have the scoop on the districts to work in there? Vegas is one big district, so multiple districts in a state is new to me... Pros and cons of teaching in Texas? How is special ed there? Are there as many vacancies there as there are here in Vegas? I'll take any information I can get!
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.19 08:05 popcornboiii Bannon Egged Trump On During January 6th

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2021.09.19 08:05 olebg Amor y amistad

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2021.09.19 08:05 jammyjammy420 Most drained religion?

I’m trying to become more drained but I still want to be religious idk I see a lot of cross symbolism with bladee but idk I don’t feel like Jesus would be down with it the way I am you know?
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