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PRAISE MAGNOLIA (Praise The Lord X Magnolia Mashup) - A$AP Rocky ft. Playboi Carti

2021.09.19 07:25 tmurr1221 PRAISE MAGNOLIA (Praise The Lord X Magnolia Mashup) - A$AP Rocky ft. Playboi Carti

PRAISE MAGNOLIA (Praise The Lord X Magnolia Mashup) - A$AP Rocky ft. Playboi Carti submitted by tmurr1221 to asaprocky [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 Veryfairyprincess Celeste is here and some catalog items

Take pipe to Celeste.
Elephant slides, kids tents, puppy plushies, dollhouses, dinosaurs, and surfboards out for catalog on left beach.
Orchard in upper right hand corner of my island if you would like fruit.
You may shop and pluck flowers as well. Comment for dodo :)
submitted by Veryfairyprincess to NoFeeAC [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 reprightsongs The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today - Malcom X

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today RepRightSongs
I find myself falling under this quote and I know I am not the only one
I feel that if I don’t perform small simple tasks daily that will lead myself into the future I would like to see for myself, that future will never arrive.
I’ve been down that road before and realize that if I want a better future I need to start slowly getting there now with it.
Putting projects to the side till I have time is not an option.
You end up forgetting about them and never get into the consistency you need in order for the importance of the “big picture” to be seen at the end of the tunnel.
Just because you see the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean you should stand there and think it will get closer.
My point is making the small baby steps towards the future is the better option for everyone otherwise you end up just sounding like a know it all with no proof.
Bottom line, take the steps and get there so the future will present itself instead of it ending up just becoming another dream.
submitted by reprightsongs to RandomThoughts [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 TreacleStrong The most overrated city in Costa Rica

Cross post from costarica
Was just in CR for my honeymoon for two weeks. Wanted to give my thoughts.
San Jose is the big city. It’s basically the central gateway to get everywhere else in the country, but there’s still plenty to explore and lots of historical value.
La Fortuna is awesome. There is SO much to do between the volcanoes, the lakes, hiking, rafting, zip lines, etc. and good restaurants are a dime a dozen.
All of the beach towns on the West coast in Guanacaste are absolutely amazing.
However… Monteverde is 100% the overrated tourist hippie town of Costa Rica.
The Sky Adventures park that advertises the bridge WAY up in the sky that you see in all the pictures? Yeah, it’s like 100 feet long and 20 feet off the ground and goes over a small road on the way to the Santa Elena nature preserve (which has poorly maintained trails consisting of an abundance of switchbacks and stairs, in case you were wondering.)
There aren’t really any good places to eat - everything I tried was very meh and frankly, compared to everywhere else I visited, overpriced. Best place I ate was Taco Taco near the city center.
The “cloud forest” isn’t all its hyped up to be. At all. You’re just at higher elevation with clouds that come and go, and there’s not much to see, not even that much wildlife (certainly not as much as La Fortuna).
The city is constructed in such a way that almost every establishment and home uses a septic system, and some businesses don’t even allow you to flush your toilet paper, and as you can imagine, some of the bathrooms are disgusting.
Cell service and WiFi speeds are terrible everywhere in town. We’re talking speeds that were considered crazy fast a decade ago and that’s if you can even get a stable connection.
The mosquitoes and insects don’t give a flying rat’s ass what kind of repellent you have on - you will get eaten alive moreso than anywhere else that I went to in CR.
All of the roads getting in/out of town are abysmal. I’m not kidding when I say you can’t tell which is going to happen first - a tire blowing out or your spinal column collapsing. I rented a Land Cruiser, which is extremely capable and had meaty tires but I still felt like I’d just gotten in a fight by the time I got out of the car.
The best things I did in Monteverde are go to Curi-Cancha for bird watching (which is quite expensive and not terribly exciting) and the Don Juan Coffee/Chocolate/Night tour which was insightful and educational, but nothing you couldn’t learn by doing a bit of Google. I don’t think hitting coffee beans with a stick or using an old screw masher to grind cacao justified the cost.
I plan on coming to CR again as my wife and I both very much enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle, especially the beaches, and we may even buy a house somewhere near Cocos. However, I do not intend on coming to Monteverde again.
submitted by TreacleStrong to CostaRicaTravel [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 xXbadNameXx Xbox servers down or just me?

So I’m trying to sign into my account on my Xbox to play fallout new vegas, but it won’t let me and it just says “try again in a while.” Is anyone else having this problem right now?
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2021.09.19 07:25 Ssnnooz does watching gay porn mean im gay?

Im a straight dude, but sometimes i get off to gay porn. I don't really know why, I just enjoy it sometimes.
I am not sexually or romantically attracted to men, its gross to even imagine being intimate with a guy. And i've thought about it a lot. I am exclusively attracted to women
Is that weird or wrong
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2021.09.19 07:25 Sketzu Military.Finance $MIL ✅Doxxed Team 💣Ran by Veterans For Veterans! 🔥5% Burn for every transaction NFT 👀COMING🔜 on Sept 24th✅🗓 Every NFT purchase will create a $MIL Buy and Burn for the life of the NFT! 🚀Becoming hyper deflationary!

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2021.09.19 07:25 Nazi_Ganesh Super fast approval. (17 Days)

I was afraid after seeing posts with long turnarounds and even late ones. So I was surprised to get approved so fast.
Maybe this is a signal that they are turning up the processing times?
Either way thought I should share to add to the accumulating data points.
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2021.09.19 07:25 Due_Durian1372 🐶 RoyalFloki | 🚀 8% Floki Inu Rewards | Anti Whale Tokenomics | Supported by Crypto Messiah | Big marketing coming | Easy x1000

On the way to the next high potential performance token. Take a look.
One of the most hyped coins at the moment is Floki. With RoyalFloki you can earn exactly this Be part of it and join the best Floki Reward token out on the market.
We do not want to create a pump and dump coin, we are looking for strong community members who actually cares about this project and believes in the cause behind it. Our goal is to guarantee long-term success for us and all Floki holders.
RoyalFloki is a fully decentralized token with insane rewards. No whitelists, no presales, no allocated tokens and total transparency that defines this project. The best things are the rewards. Every holder gets 8% of each transaction in FLOKI!
The project stands for transparency and fairness. no whitelists, no presale.
The max. wallet is limited to 2%, so whales have no chance to dump the price.
The max sell amount is also set with 1% of max. Supply. With the payment in FLOKI, each holder has the rewards in bullish Token.
🧨Tokenomics for RoyalFloki:
1,000,000,000 Total Supply
8% Floki Inu (FLOKI) REWARD
1% back into liquidity pool
1% Marketing Tax
🚫Max Wallet 2%
🚫Max Sell 1%
Contract Address: 0x500bff4d6876bdd779a7031a318602a5509e1d3c
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x500bff4d6876bdd779a7031a318602a5509e1d3c
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x500bff4d6876bdd779a7031a318602a5509e1d3c#readContract
Don’t miss the opportunity of the next x100 token.
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2021.09.19 07:25 gloomshot_bot HIMIKO GAUNTLET #2 | Daily Path of Exile Highlights

Clip # Title Author Curator Score Source Direct Link
#1 [00:00] 1hp steelmage benjy3gg 0.17906400000000003 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#2 [00:21] Karv F karvarousku xhibbi 0.0925 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#3 [00:46] Himiko Gauntlet #2 selfy_ xhibbi 0.08468408399999999 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#4 [01:14] i bungerdanced kevinfromthecosmos kevinfromthecosmos 0.043 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#5 [01:43] Help' ai_satan ai_satan 0.033 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#6 [01:59] How To Break Lightee lightee7 madiiiman 0.028079999999999997 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#7 [02:49] RIP warlord ammy imexile silverk29 0.0219 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#8 [03:14] Darkee's short term plan lightee7 mand__ 0.0048 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#9 [03:34] carn going for corrupted kaom's heart carn_ xhibbi 0.0045 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#10 [03:51] lightee7 clip lightee7 maslt 0.0042 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#11 [04:02] Blue hair girl was ruining rue's stream ruetoo plasmas09 0.0033 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#12 [04:27] bap preachlfw wodenas 7e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#13 [04:57] TRAGIC. preachlfw seaj4y 6e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#14 [05:35] steelmage clip steelmage gloomshot v2.2 1e-05 abridger v5.5 [CLICK]
#15 [06:38] mathil1 clip mathil1 gloomshot v2.2 1e-05 abridger v5.5 [CLICK]
#16 [07:29] Is Steel okay? steelmage uglygirlirl 0.015 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#17 [07:41] Mathil on adult video actors mathil1 krippssecret 0.0062 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#18 [08:01] Ventrua ez annul ventrua gloomshot v2.2 0.0 abridger v5.5 [CLICK]
#19 [09:06] Content Window Closed steelmage madiiiman 0.012 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#20 [09:26] tanking gauntlet hydra ventrua ruzgatogosu 0.0055 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#21 [09:54] ds_lily clip ds_lily gloomshot v2.2 0.0 abridger v5.5 [CLICK]
#22 [10:57] Orb dancing monkaS ds_lily brawndo_yep 0.0056 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#23 [11:24] More Raccoons? steelmage madiiiman 0.0096 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#24 [11:55] Don't watch this ds_lily user_with_unique_name 0.0036 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
Clip # | Created | Changes Made:--:|:--:|:--:
1 [00:00] | 2021-09-18 05:34:04.336000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clipvolume": "0.022258346297582353 - final volume: 0.03874785685540716", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.46, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-32.8, -11.4 -> multiplier 1.45", "lower_3rd_dur": 15, "chat_objs": 176, "top_emotes": {"PopCorn": 1, "steelmageW": 1, "LUL": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: benjy3gg'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 75}#2 [00:21] | 2021-09-18 05:34:01.693000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.013846473413394235 - final volume: 0.021324372418545966", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.55, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-34.6, -10.9 -> multiplier 1.4", "lower_3rd_dur": 19, "chat_objs": 21, "top_emotes": {"bastS": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Karv F', ' curator: xhibbi'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 67}#3 [00:46] | 2021-09-18 05:34:09.623000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.01730062983252495 - final volume: 0.009703029841821389", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.41, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1280,720 -> 1920, 1080", "volume_changed": "-32.2, -0.3 -> multiplier 1.48", "lower_3rd_dur": 21, "chat_objs": 9, "top_emotes": {":(": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Himiko Gauntlet #2', ' curator: xhibbi'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 66}#4 [01:14] | 2021-09-13 04:55:21.966000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.10309383859778863 - final volume: 0.06869362027680234", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.69, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-19.7, -2.0 -> multiplier 1.32", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_error": "No messages.", "add_texts": "Added texts: 'i bungerdanced', ' curator: kevinfromthecosmos'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 74}#5 [01:43] | 2021-09-14 05:26:26.740000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03509898632762447 - final volume: 0.05841528794493387", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.63, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-29.2, -10.9 -> multiplier 1.4", "lower_3rd_dur": 12, "chat_error": "No messages.", "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Help'', ' curator: ai_satan'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 42}#6 [01:59] | 2021-09-18 05:34:22.393000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.023991405055196535 - final volume: 0.013030713900206286", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.51, "fps": "48.0->30", "volume_changed": "-30.0, -0.3 -> multiplier 1.48", "lower_3rd_dur": 37, "chat_objs": 37, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 1, "WutFace": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'How To Break Lightee', ' curator: madiiiman'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 148}#7 [02:49] | 2021-09-18 05:34:18.735000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.02180146832565405 - final volume: 0.01962308855070335", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.64, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-30.7, -4.9 -> multiplier 1.08", "lower_3rd_dur": 19, "chat_objs": 121, "top_emotes": {"alkXD": 2, "4Head": 1, "LUL": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'RIP warlord ammy', ' curator: silverk29'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 82}#8 [03:14] | 2021-09-17 11:08:06.449000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03638604365805876 - final volume: 0.036860037955344975", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.45, "fps": "48.0->30", "lower_3rd_dur": 15, "chat_objs": 17, "top_emotes": {"quinL": 1, "alkPog": 1, ":)": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Darkee's short term plan', ' curator: mand_'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 54}#9 [03:34] | 2021-09-18 05:34:48.708000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.13483168581458038 - final volume: 0.06994334821009071", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.51, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-15.3, 0.0 -> multiplier 1.52", "lower_3rd_dur": 12, "chat_objs": 27, "top_emotes": {"alkNose": 1, "LUL": 1, ":D": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'carn going for corrupted kaom's heart', ' curator: xhibbi'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 44}#10 [03:51] | 2021-09-17 11:08:08.815000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03743270907345042 - final volume: 0.0197123732486465", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.5, "fps": "48.0->30", "volume_changed": "-22.4, -0.2 -> multiplier 1.49", "lower_3rd_dur": 8, "chat_objs": 17, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: maslt'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 33}#11 [04:02] | 2021-09-18 05:34:58.560000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03274043261850573 - final volume: 0.06781445155502171", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.83, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-27.8, -15.7 -> multiplier 1.96", "lower_3rd_dur": 19, "chat_objs": 15, "top_emotes": {"alkXD": 1, "HotPokket": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Blue hair girl was ruining rue's stream', ' curator: plasmas09'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 65}#12 [04:27] | 2021-09-17 05:17:53.116000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.013174337555770008 - final volume: 0.023000897627997903", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.32, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-35.9, -11.3 -> multiplier 1.44", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_objs": 88, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 5, "pgeGoth": 2, ":D": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: wodenas'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 84}#13 [04:57] | 2021-09-17 05:18:02.438000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.04487527052933565 - final volume: 0.03273330226831248", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.51, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-25.1, -3.0 -> multiplier 1.23", "lower_3rd_dur": 28, "chat_objs": 80, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 3, ":)": 2, ":D": 2}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'TRAGIC.', ' curator: seaj4y'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 117}#14 [05:35] | 2021-09-16 08:41:45.019000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03121099749932912 - final volume: 0.025183072614088687", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.42, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-28.0, -4.2 -> multiplier 1.13", "lower_3rd_dur": 48, "chat_objs": 75, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 2, ":)": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: gloomshot v2.2'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 229}#15 [06:38] | 2021-09-16 08:40:34.645000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.032608527672906236 - final volume: 0.03285265423142705", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.38, "fps": "60.0->30", "lower_3rd_dur": 38, "chat_objs": 33, "top_emotes": {"WutFace": 1, "EleGiggle": 1, "LUL": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: gloomshot v2.2'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 178}#16 [07:29] | 2021-09-18 05:34:25.789000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.040877406170469706 - final volume: 0.040490292264852124", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.75, "fps": "60.0->30", "lower_3rd_dur": 9, "chat_objs": 38, "top_emotes": {"quinPsycho": 2, ":)": 2, "Kreygasm": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Is Steel okay?', ' curator: uglygirlirl'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 40}#17 [07:41] | 2021-09-16 05:18:50.676000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03080369327181671 - final volume: 0.030847389095991964", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.36, "fps": "60.0->30", "lower_3rd_dur": 15, "chat_objs": 36, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Mathil on adult video actors', ' curator: krippssecret'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 68}#18 [08:01] | 2021-09-14 08:29:56.050000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03271153892655997 - final volume: 0.0322344006701997", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.55, "fps": "60.0->30", "lower_3rd_dur": 48, "chat_objs": 16, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Ventrua ez annul', ' curator: gloomshot v2.2'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 189}#19 [09:06] | 2021-09-18 05:34:29.123000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.028807564213468397 - final volume: 0.023020725378376593", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.5, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-28.6, -3.9 -> multiplier 1.16", "lower_3rd_dur": 15, "chat_objs": 85, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 2, "steelmage202IQ": 1, "Jebaited": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Content Window Closed', ' curator: madiiiman'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 66}#20 [09:26] | 2021-09-18 05:34:45.765000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03231983335876149 - final volume: 0.0315654213697532", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.48, "fps": "60.0->30", "lower_3rd_dur": 21, "chat_objs": 7, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'tanking gauntlet hydra', ' curator: ruzgatogosu'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 79}#21 [09:54] | 2021-09-14 08:35:23.538000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03260345471745584 - final volume: 0.0186350045944671", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.42, "fps": "48.0->30", "resize": "1536,864 -> 1920, 1080", "volume_changed": "-25.8, -0.6 -> multiplier 1.45", "lower_3rd_dur": 47, "chat_objs": 19, "top_emotes": {"WutFace": 1, "alkNose": 1, ":(": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: gloomshot v2.2'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 207}#22 [10:57] | 2021-09-17 05:17:30.704000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.013017948673507576 - final volume: 0.025334392217313016", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.49, "fps": "48.0->30", "resize": "1536,864 -> 1920, 1080", "volume_changed": "-37.0, -16.7 -> multiplier 2.1", "lower_3rd_dur": 21, "chat_objs": 27, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Orb dancing monkaS', ' curator: brawndo_yep'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 83}#23 [11:24] | 2021-09-18 05:34:31.848000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.02152314948914287 - final volume: 0.042851536409045814", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.52, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-33.1, -15.9 -> multiplier 1.99", "lower_3rd_dur": 23, "chat_objs": 45, "top_emotes": {"RaccAttack": 1, "WutFace": 1, "virtW": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'More Raccoons?', ' curator: madiiiman'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 90}#24 [11:55] | 2021-09-16 05:19:12.818000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.04163678738286415 - final volume: 0.023693240821504903", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.51, "fps": "48.0->30", "resize": "1536,864 -> 1920, 1080", "volume_changed": "-24.5, -0.7 -> multiplier 1.44", "lower_3rd_dur": 30, "chat_objs": 28, "top_emotes": {"Kreygasm": 1, "dslilySmile": 1, "LUL": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Don't watch this', ' curator: user_with_unique_name'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 130} submitted by gloomshot_bot to gloomshot [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 Hoodie_Ninja_235 Did anyone else realize

Statistically the strongest team and the weakest team faced each other is Dodgebolt
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2021.09.19 07:25 USSZim [BUG] There is something suspicious about this fuel cache

[BUG] There is something suspicious about this fuel cache submitted by USSZim to CompanyOfHeroes [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 CitriaEma

⭐ submitted by CitriaEma to DigitalArt [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 Expert-Mango5939 Kim

What is the best build for Kim
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2021.09.19 07:25 Arphy7 Great win but that first half was simply atrocious. The last guy I wanna blame is JT but his handling has been a real issue. Every shot he faces bounces off him. Consequence of having a young keeper?

submitted by Arphy7 to SJEarthquakes [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 nhose760 [POSITIVE] for /u/spatialsilver88 [seller]

Very happy with my purchase. Good seller and was willing to work with me
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2021.09.19 07:25 SpideryMan Failed attempt at drawing another character, resulting in an original character.

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2021.09.19 07:25 Hestness5 Anyone else’s screen freeze and force them to restart almost every time you join/leave a game?

I don’t think it’s just my internet because I’m wired to Ethernet and my friend who doesn’t live close has the same thing, started happening after the update
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2021.09.19 07:25 Gold_Strength The sub is moving away from its original purpose

Mods may delete it if it is deemed inappropriate.
The whole point of the sub was showcasing those who were vehemently anti-mask and anti-vaccine and who ended up with covid. But now the current wave of submissions have about twenty irrelevant pics of their racism, transphobia, homophobia etc. Of course that makes them horrible people but that is NOT the point of the sub. Only the covid denialism and anti vaxx, anti mask stuff is. The rest of it could be posted to iamatotalpieceofshit or some such. I feel only pics relevant to the covid aspect should be posted.
I am not an American so I don't care much either way but just saying that the whole sub seems to have shifted away from its original purpose to - all hateful people must die. It was meant to highlight the pitfalls of the covid misinformation but now has just become ghoulish.
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2021.09.19 07:25 gripped909 Remove Transform Node OFFSET with Imported Images (but Transform works fine with Text+)

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2021.09.19 07:25 Serious_Confusion237 Who’s the worst Xylo?

View Poll
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2021.09.19 07:25 Fedoteh GoW 3 remastered game breaking bug in PS5

I can't play after defeating the 3 stone guardians in the tartarus pit. When you go down a slope, there's a graphical glitch that removes every texture and wouldn't let me continue. I'm not seeing anything (like if the matrix got bugged lol) and I'm still jumping towards the place where the floor should be, but still dying to an infinite fall.
Any way to fix it? Already rebooted obviously.
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2021.09.19 07:25 Apart_Rule2210 [Self] Xiangling from Genshin Impact by Neyrodesu

[Self] Xiangling from Genshin Impact by Neyrodesu submitted by Apart_Rule2210 to Cawwsplay [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 07:25 B_Nater19 🐶 TetrisDoge 👑 | Featured on Yahoo Finance + Marketwatch. Doge reflections every 3 hours directly in your wallet. Low Marketcap, trustworthy team. Game + Dashboard is already out on the website. Active TG family 🎮

"Score Points on this Bull Run With Tetris Doge" - Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance
More than 65,000 Doge coins have been given out as reflections to holders of TetrisDoge tokens.
TetrisDoge is about combining two simple things, in order to make a newly fused token, TetrisDoge.
Tetris is one of the most popular games in the world, and with Apple TV releasing a Tetris movie in 2022, Tetris is getting ready to become one of the most hyped up games this season.
Devs hosted VC ama which went great. Experienced team.
Why should you HODL TDG Tokens?

TetrisDoge is planning to sync TDG tokens with the Tetris game by October 1st, and you will be able to Play 2 Earn. Play your favorite game and earn tokens while doing it.
Team is also looking into creating a multiplayer PVP function with the TetrisGame, where you will be able to compete against our players in real time.
🎁 Tokenomics 🎁
- Total supply: 100 000 000
- Burn upon release: 48%
- 10% tax fee
- 4% Doge Rewards to hodlers
- 3% back to LP
- 3% to marketing wallet
Contract Address
Honeypot Check
Liquidity Lock 1 year+
Telegram: https://t.me/tetrisdogeBSC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TetrisDogeBSC
Website: https://tetrisdoge.net/
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2021.09.19 07:25 Environmental-Leg999 22m Plymouth. Looking for anon fun, pound me out, fill me, leave. Hmu!!

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