Just want to say how much I’ve come to appreciate how much effort goes into Paizo’s books.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.09.19 05:58 plumply Just want to say how much I’ve come to appreciate how much effort goes into Paizo’s books.

I’ve been trying to create a new post- apocalypse supplement for 2e and just the amount of stuff you have to design is wild! All the different types of feats and gear, consumables, weapons. Not to mention their individual traits.
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2021.09.19 05:58 dale-got-hulk-hands What about my balls

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2021.09.19 05:58 spirit_whsprer New Feature, Fact or Faked You Tell Me

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2021.09.19 05:58 CaryMGVR EA/Origin "SW: Squadrons" & the Oculus PC App

know "STAR WARS: Squadrons" [SWS] isn't available in tje Oculus PC app. And I am SO not a fan of the SteamVR version: too many headaches.
It's my understanding the EA/Origin SWS is the only version with "native Oculus support".
If I get the Origin version of SWS,
and I enable UNKNOWN SOURCES in the Oculus PC app's SETTINGS,
will SWS show in the LIBRARY tab with all my other Oculus apps?
Thank you!
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2021.09.19 05:58 210701 部分恒大項目要延期交付,業主還要等多久才能收到房呢?巨型恒大商業綜合體空無一人,商店沒有營業

部分恒大項目要延期交付,業主還要等多久才能收到房呢?巨型恒大商業綜合體空無一人,商店沒有營業 submitted by 210701 to Golden_Jai [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 05:58 Kris82868 What should Lynette have done when Tom didn't want to take the job with Carlos's clients?

A. The manipulation was fine
B. Nothing, just accepted it
C. Confronted him about how if he expects her to step aside for him he needs to go for it.
D. Something else
View Poll
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2021.09.19 05:58 Stanton-Xu Uplimit of cloud size

Anybody hit the uplimit of the cloud size? How many ePub books or PDF files you uploaded to the reMarkable?

I uploaded many ePub books (259) and few PDF files (13). The reMarkable tells me that I use 4.83G out of the total 6.41G. Then I can no longer upload more files via the app.
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2021.09.19 05:58 LowAd8109 you can find out if someone is a werewolf by showing them your shiny ass

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2021.09.19 05:58 Zennred Hi-Liter-Lounge

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2021.09.19 05:58 Farmehra Lil' T says hi world!

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2021.09.19 05:58 Salbacka [WTB] Larue MBT2S and set of MBUS [MN]

Looking to stay around $120 on the MBT and $55 on the MBUS. Let me know whatcha got.
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2021.09.19 05:58 SlimReaperxxxxx [26/M] Looking for something to relate too .. Sarcastic & Funny so if you can’t handle that then 🤧

I’m into Fashion, Tattoos, Sports , Gaming, Traveling and other shit. Pls don’t message me anything weird or creepy bro 😭 Dm me 🤷🏾‍♂️
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2021.09.19 05:58 OuchieMyPwussy Some Quotes from Ben Shapiro’s 2005 book “Porn Generation”

“Here’s the question: If one prominent lesbian snog-fest—particularly an event choreographed and planned as a publicity stunt—can set off so much bisexual activity among young girls, what effect does constant promotion of promiscuity have on them?”
“Princesses of the virgin-to-whore kingdom”
“If Madonna is the queen of pop whoredom, the two reigning princesses are Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, whose careers have taken remarkably similar paths”
“Cosmo Girl!’s February 2005 issue teaches its readers about “vulva love”: “This Valentine’s Day, get to know the body part that makes you so fab!” “If you’re thinking about having sex,” the magazine advises, “visit a gyno first to talk about STD prevention and birth control. If you’re worried about your parents finding out, call first and ask if she can keep your visit confidential.” Or she could stop being a fifteen-year-old tramp, And cutting the parents out of the loop is certainly a good strategy if you attempt to replace their authority with teen magazines”
Naturally, Cosmo Girl! wants its activist readers to aid “PROMOTING GAY/LESBIAN TOLERANCE.” They list as a “success story” the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision forcing homosexual marriage onto the populace. “The ruling was historic,” the magazine yelps, “the first in America to give gays and lesbians the opportunity to legally wed.” How nice! How about force-feeding the youngsters the right to incest or sex at any age as well? I hear the North American Man-Boy Love Association is interested in that one.”
“Cosmo continues the teen trend of objectifying men; Josh Duhamel is Cosmo’s “Fun Fearless Male of the Year.” Other FFMs include David Spade, Kevin Bacon, Simon Cowell, Carson Kressley, Bill Hemmer, Ben McKenzie, and Taye Diggs. There’s also the “Guy Without His Shirt” rating contest. In the article “Butt Really,” Cosmo analyzes male personalities based on the shape of their rears. Complete with half-naked pictures of male models, the magazine focuses in on the gluteus maximus, which is “a sign to behold.” In “WHAT HIS MOUTH MOVES REVEAL,” Cosmo analyzes male personalities based on the way they snog. It also translates the male mind: “HE SAYS: ‘I love you.’ (After sex) HE MEANS: ‘That thing you just did with your pelvis rocked my world.’” Here’s a handy hint to women: Ask a guy how he feels instead of looking at Cosmo. We’re not that hard to figure out.”
“The commercial ends with them swapping lesbian spit.”
“Fifty years ago, the emaciated waifs who resemble twelve-year-old boys more than women would never have populated our billboards and our television screens to such an extent.”
“Men who used to be considered effeminate are the new standard-bearers for male beauty. Shaved pecs, toned abs, and bleached hair are all the rage in the age of the metrosexual.”
“Men are market-oriented, and they want to provide what women want—so they allowed the gay ideal to become the reality by buying into it wholesale.”
“At this point, I decided not to become Wiccan. After all, how I use my magick is none of their business.”
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2021.09.19 05:58 Chase_Has_Autism Amongus😳

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2021.09.19 05:58 Its_Yeet_San Illiostasio ❄️ [CONCEPT] | Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but here’s the concept I made for the Concept Royale Contest! :)

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2021.09.19 05:58 BoxCoxTransform Hevelyn Camila

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2021.09.19 05:58 kazmanza Comparison with Aus market (a tiny subsection of it at least)

I often see Australia being mentioned as a place that Canadian housing should try emulate in regards to the open bidding auctions that they have there. I'm from Aus, and not all places do the open bidding auctions. I closely watch the properties being sold in the neighbourhood I lived in and I think some of the sales are absurd. I've put a list of some of the more dramatic ones below. This is from one suburb from a small-mid size city. I've only been in Canada a few months, but if I had to compare it to a Canadian city, something like larger Barrie or Kingston, maybe? (I'm in Ontario as you can tell). All of these properties were bought through blind bidding.
The point of this is just to illustrate that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and other places have issues as well. This city is known for relying on tourism and the hospitality industry (Hi, covid!) and has very few high paying finance/tech/law jobs, but the house prices are surging (a lot is due to people from Sydney and Melbourne than can WFH).
I'm fascinated with houses for sale/being sold and I find general comparisons between layouts/styles really interesting as well. I hope others might also.

This is just a subset of the full list I am keeping tabs on and if you look at the history of these places, you will see that the recent owners (sellers) have also made very high profits. I admit that some of these places are very nice with modern renovations, but 889k for a 1000sqft, 2 bed 1 bathroom is a lot for a smaller city with no major industry/business, you can not compare it to Toronto or Vancouver at all.
For a bit more context, out of the last 43 houses sold in just this suburb (for which pricing data are available), the median selling price was 6.6% above asking and mean was 8.5% above asking. Of these last 43, 5 were sold below asking (and one of them far under because the listed price was entirely ridiculous).
In Aus, as a buyer, you would likely not have a realtor represent you, which is very different to here. This does remove one aspect of absurdness which exists here (buyer's agents should not be a thing at all), but you still have to deal with blind bids and people offering way more over the listed price and you not knowing how your offer is going. We bought a property 5 years ago, paid about 12% over the minimum asking. There were 4 or 5 other offers, but to this day I have no idea how much we "won" by. I suspect we could have offered 5-7% over asking and still gotten the place (market was not as crazy then but we loved the place).
These housing issues are definitely being recognized in Australia, at least by people trying to enter the market, like here. However, it's not quite as severe as here, which could be related to the lower population and being more isolated? The government does have first home buyebuilder grants in place, which helps, but still very little to stop people building up a collection of investment properties.
Finally, I have to say that I find Australian houses far more varied/different than the properties here. I'm not saying one is better or worse, but everything here is just so similar if compared to the Aus properties. Although a lot of the Aus properties are stuck in the 80s/90s....
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2021.09.19 05:58 MrThreshold Could use a little help over here!

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2021.09.19 05:58 BronzetownBlues skull_diffusion4

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2021.09.19 05:58 Snoo-43207 My meds are the emoji for pills.

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2021.09.19 05:58 Cptbubbles848 Can anyone ID this song? It was played at Houston last night.

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2021.09.19 05:58 Pour-Me Transplants to Fort Wayne: Did you come from a larger city, or a smaller town?

Where did you move here from? What are the differences you notice from whence you came?
View Poll
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2021.09.19 05:58 stephusband1978 My( M 27) partner(27 F) keeps leaving really nasty skid marks on their underwear and I don't know how to stop it.

I want to make this as clear as I can. This is not a joke. I wish it was a joke, but this is my reality. I can't ask a single person in my circle, because of the nature of this matter.
See, I've been dating my girlfriend off and on for about 10 years. Earlier this year I moved her in with me. Things have been pretty good until, I had to go wash and decided to wash her clothes with mine. Im just sorting our clothes when I come around an underwear of her's. The first thing I notice is a awful stink from it that burrowed deep into my nostrils. This causes me to visually investigate the garment to see that it's smeared with poop. I chalk this up as a embarrassing accident, no need to worry because I thought it wouldn't happen again.
Until, it happened three more consecutive times. I was greatly disturbed and ask her what was going in. In a respectful and non-judgemental manner to the best of my abilities. She said something along the lines of not having enough time at work wipe at work. I thought It was bs, but figure maybe she would change her wiping.
However she didn't. And I asked her again what was happening and just said the same excuse. I pressed harder and she just got really flustered and refused to talk about it. She said I was being mean.
To this day. I'm finding skids on just about all her underwear now. It's making me see her as less of a adult.
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2021.09.19 05:58 lightstazs909 Is the new Macbook Air worth it?

I heard many stories about the screen cracking and I don't want to waste money getting it repaired.
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2021.09.19 05:58 RUBBERDUCKLOVESCAKE What did you expect

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