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Did I get banished?

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2021.10.16 16:03 Xantall_Farwood Did I get banished?

So I woke up and turned off my alarm. Didn't think anything about it before it suddenly started again. I tried to turn it off but it wouldn't shut off. I kept trying but of to the point of I'll just ignore it. I like the song anyway. Still it kept going for days it didn't stop. I went to work, shopping, cooked, stuffed it under pillows to lessen the sound to sleep some but never a lot. It truly felt like I was just living my life with one song blaring uncomfortably loud. I was feeling exhausted and becoming very angry.
Nearly at the point of tears from trying to shut it off for days, I'm trying to smash my phone on a table when this guy just steps up and takes my phone. Alarm song still blaring he places it on the table. He takes a mix of salt, lavender, rose hips, and nettles from a pouch at his side and makes a circle around my phone then lights a white candle and pop I'm awake in my bed and can turn off my alarm.
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2021.10.16 16:03 Conqure4Christ Why would my father not tell me about his military background?

Hey everyone I apologize in advance for this long post but it's really bothering me and I just want some additional opinions. Before I was born my father allegedly went to the Army to be a recon tech. He tells me he did 4 years for many years until yesterday.. Yesterday he changed his claim and said he did 4 years and 2 years in the Army reserve. Strange I've never heard of this before. My father has only told me maybe 3 diffrent sentences about his military Career and when I ask him to elaborate he either deflects from the question or makes a comparison about the Army to civilian lifestyles.
Here's what also really bothers me. My father claims he went into the army when he was 18 and did 4 to 6 years which would make him leave the Army bettwen 1981-1983. I've asked my mother and my dad's brother my Uncle who served in the airforce for 34+ years about my dad's military background and surprisingly my mother told me he never told her about it and she never asked and my uncle also knows little to nothing about it. I know 1981-83 is a long time but I would at least think my dad would have his dog tags, uniform, souvenirs from the countries he's said he had been too Japan, Korea, Germany, & Greenland. However he has nothing to show his military background not one item kept during his years of service which is odd to me for you would think you'd keep that memorbalia. I think I saw 1 photo maybe once ...
My uncle says maybe my dad did not know he had benifits and says somethings are hidden, my mom tells me not to worry about it and worry about my own goals. I'm not worried about it I just wanted to know if my dad cared about his children for his military benifits could have put us through school and provided aid in health care until I turned 23 years old which has passed.
Throughout my life my father struggled to get a decent job unless someone handed him one and we grew up rather poor in very small old apartments after my parents divorced when I was 5 years old. Food, rent money, and clothing were all hard to obtain for my father for many many years even thru high-school.
Why would my father not use his military benifits? Why would he not contact the VA to get a home loan rather than paying a landlord when he obtained good jobs that he held for years? Why would he not look into rental assistance thru the VA. Why would he not send us to college for basically a lower cost and why would he spend all these years paying for medical insurance thru jobs and complaining about how expensive it was when he could have signed up for insurnace with the VA or kept his Tri-care?. 1983 was not that long ago so I assume all benifits were the same now as back then. I've taken on student loans and medical debt and to know my dad could have help for basically no cost to him is very strange to me. Maybe my father just didn't care. He often says military discount at orileys auto parts or some store to get a break but, that's about all I know. My dad has talked about a dd-214 before and says he has it. However he also says he went to college but he never did or else he wouldn't have had to take minimal jobs all his life.
I suppose I'll never know for now but it bothers me. is my dad lying. Or maybe he just doesn't care. I asked him about his VA loan and tri care yesterday and he deflected and got a bit mad I could hear it in his voice. He said he'll never use his VA loan and does not have any intentions and he'll continue to pay his doctor rather and never use tricare. It's just strange to me.
I'm going to the Airforce once my job comes avaliable and It seems I can't asked my dad much of anything or get one decent story of him in the military. He was a radar tech so it's not like he has PTSD. I feel like maybe he was dishonorable discharge? I can't understand why he'd let his family struggle all those years when he could have helped do to his benifits even if they weren't all that much school tuition, home loans etc. Are you not intitled to keep any clothing or receive benifits if you left the army early or were discharged dishonorable?
I do believe my father served in the Army however I have no proff of any of it he might have a vet symbol on his ID.. maybe...
When I was in high school in 2007-8 my dad told me he was a General* in the army.. I didn't know much about rank when I told my friends but you can imagine how embarrassing it was when I realized what a General was... I'm just sick of lies. What do you guys think?
I really think he may have been discharged dishonorable or left early. That's all I got. I don't care about my dad's military benifits I just wonder if it's mostly a bunch of lies.
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2021.10.16 16:03 nw86281 Found in North Wales on net curtains. Any idea what it is?

My parents have just found this on the net curtains. Any ideas what it could be?
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2021.10.16 16:03 BMay23 Hey r/audiophile! I'm currently conducting a market survey for a class and Bose was my company of choice. Your feedback and insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!

Hey audiophile! I'm currently conducting a market survey for a class and Bose was my company of choice. Your feedback and insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys! submitted by BMay23 to audiophile [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 16:03 paarthh07 Submitted yesterday

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2021.10.16 16:03 bluemchenlecker Einfach ein Knaller !

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2021.10.16 16:03 chairbornebg TRT (Турция): Ердоган разчита новото правителство на Германия да продължи сътрудничеството с Турция

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2021.10.16 16:03 DeeOco34 Halloween mani is over a week old and still isn't too badly chipped considering i didn't follow the full maintenance guide.

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2021.10.16 16:03 ShortAlgo $NGL Waiting for Short signal on NGL https://t.co/OYWOF5XAkL

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2021.10.16 16:03 vonara_laufeyson Is Knor Cup-a-Soup good for weight loss?

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2021.10.16 16:03 TheDarksider96 what fish can go I to a 14l ciano cube 15

Looking into getting a beta and was recommended for a single male beta that this tank would be acceptable but have heard people recommended tanks as large as 30 litres for beta seems rather large for such a small fish is this tanka acceptable or will have to grt tsomething even smaller hear neon tetras are OK too
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2021.10.16 16:03 chairbornebg NTV (Турция): Меркел е обсъдила с Ердоган обстановката в Либия и ситуацията с мигрантите

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2021.10.16 16:03 McBaah Looking for help with cuffing fabric!

For some reason it seems impossible to find cuffing in maroon and yellow stripes, or even just a knit. It's so weird, I thought with the HP craze it'd be everywhere since it's basically the Gryffindor house colours.
Any suggestions of where to find some, preferably in the UK? I did try knitting it but it looked VERY homemade, in a bad way.
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2021.10.16 16:03 Holofan4life Now I Just Want A Squid Game Dragon Maid Crossover

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2021.10.16 16:03 saljipanas nice

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2021.10.16 16:03 IAmAlfaOmega4 When you take the squadron's name and emblem literally...

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2021.10.16 16:03 Rare_Ad_2866 it's almost time..

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2021.10.16 16:03 ShortAlgo $GB Waiting for Buy signal on GB https://t.co/wGUDDjzs3h

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2021.10.16 16:03 annieinthegym Day 1 of my restart!!

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2021.10.16 16:03 Clone-Brother What Covid 19 teaches us about our present and our future.

I'm going to stick my penis into the bees nest.
Handling of Covid-19 pandemic is like a miniaturized model of handling the climate change.
In the beginning, there was rampant optimism: "this will soon pass, people are just overreacting", "it's just a flu", "it won't affect me"...

It's just a myth
We, the human civilization, had the means and the tools to take care of the problem, but instead we chose to "take care of ourselves".
With soap, water, masks and by vaccinating the whole world at once, we could've do to this one what we did to small pox. Instead, the developed world hoarded vaccines to themselves for maximum safe feeling.
The drug companies which are all part of the developed world, refused to share knowledge. The third world was used as a viral incubator to generate more demand. When the first world had gotten their vaccines, the vaccine prices were raised.
It's not my fault that they can't keep their shit together. They should drive a Prius like I do, and not make babies all the time.
Now we've a bunch of variants and vaccines are being sold to the third world for an extra fee while also "donating" some vaccines, because we're so nice and benevolent.
We've a bunch of variants and the virus is predicted to become seasonal.
Fuck you China. Fuck you India. Fuck you Africa. You've doomed us all with your filthy ways and your great pollution.
Why should we try to solve the problem while these nations of screw-ups persist?
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2021.10.16 16:03 SigmaOfficer 270 M+ GP All-Heroic Guild - Looking for New Members - DS Geo TB: 29⭐️ & 29 Wat Shards - LS Geo TB: 14⭐️ & 1 KAM shard - and growing - Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

TΔ Σternal Roughnecks
48/50 Members, 270M+ GP
18:30 UTC / 14:30 EST / 11:30 PST Guild Reset

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2021.10.16 16:03 chairbornebg Ана Бърнабич: Не бих подписала независимост за Косово

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2021.10.16 16:03 ihatereddit262 When did you receive your first postcard?

Hey guys, how long did it take you to receive your first cards? I have been registered for two weeks, have sent 7 cards already (two obviously arrived already), but still haven't received anything. I am wondering if this is normal or if it's because we had some problems with the mail here.
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2021.10.16 16:03 TanmoyKayesen Filling glitches in reality with fantasy, Tanmoy Kayesen, ballpoint pen on paper, A4 size.

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2021.10.16 16:03 ShortAlgo $ALLO Waiting for Buy signal on ALLO https://t.co/bAJvKgugf3

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