While I was eating cake...

2021.12.04 06:19 Big_Time9663 While I was eating cake...

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2021.12.04 06:19 Scared_Interview1594 Jggh

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2021.12.04 06:19 Fre5h_Prince Need help to understand this text

Neoliberals cherished the thought that the 'economy' is too recalcitrant to be planned and is therefore better left to the automated self- adjusting forces of the market. What they missed was that the successor phase to the Global Plan was anything but a case of spontaneous order. Instead, their treasured markets were ruled by the Global Minotaur's iron claws, aided and abetted by a band of merry handmaidens, among them successive US administrations, the effects of economic stagnation on the average American family, shadowy Wall Street operations, and lots of silly economics.
This passage is confusing to me, and I need it distilled so I can grasp what it's saying here? Could someone help me understand the bold, please?
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2021.12.04 06:19 Global-Milk559 找这个猫猫好久了,有没有人知道这个猫猫的账号!!!

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2021.12.04 06:19 SMM_Sockpuppet Is Optus call quality good?

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2021.12.04 06:19 Wolfie1177 Smol giveaway

Will be doing an Xbox "giveaway" of sorts later. Some gear I'll never use and want others to have. GT is I Remedy I3596
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2021.12.04 06:19 DigitalG7 This is fine meme

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2021.12.04 06:19 Roenasty Almost everything crashed harder than us. Good community.

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2021.12.04 06:19 Maltheerenkajkage Never thought of that

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2021.12.04 06:19 urmi234 21F. Which pic I am looking the best?

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2021.12.04 06:19 Local-Astronaut-272 BSC Honours in Cyber Security

So I applied for credit transfer to the cyber security degree and it got accepted which means that I can skip stage one. I am looking at the start date for stage 2 modules
Web technologies TT284 starts October 2022
Cisco networking part one TM257 starts October 2022
Communication and information technology TM255 starts October 2022
Cybersecurity TM256 starts February 2022.
My question is can I start the module cybersecurity TM256 in February or am I better getting the other modules done first?
Second questions the first 3 modules listed about they are last run on October 2023 so what happens past this date of you haven't yet taken one of the modules is it replaced with another module??
Greatly appreciate any help as I need to get enrolled.
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2021.12.04 06:19 hose__ Am I in the wrong for throwing the same combo when he could’ve easily just slipped them or what ??? I mean if it’s working keep doing it right ???

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2021.12.04 06:19 DragRepresentative83 How to learn to dance? If you can dance how did you learn how to?

I'm a 15-year-old girl and I want to learn how to dance hip-hop. I didn't know where to start, so I found some mate Stephanie tutorial video, and \ I tried to learn it, and man, I failed. since then(5months ago) I have not attempted even once. I found Jade Chynoweth-https://www.instagram.com/jadebug98/- and Gabe De Guzman https://www.instagram.com/p/CWOrjZ3gZ4S/ and I love their style so much and have been watching their videos. I want to be able to dance but I don't know where to start. I thought of taking a dance class but there isn't anywhere I live, so my only option is to learn by myself.
My questions
If can already dance, how did you learn how to dance? did you start by learning moves by yourself or start by learning a tutorial for a dance routine(THIS ID IF YOU ARE SELF TAUGHT)
If you learn how to dance in an adance club with other people and had a person to teach you, what do they teach you first, the progression they use
what's the best progression in dance? like, what you should learn first, and what should be next?
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2021.12.04 06:19 juzouk Repulsor beats hammer

No bueno grav hammer
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2021.12.04 06:19 Max_88 So, if Donbrothers fails, Sentai is done for real this time?

I know EVERY YEAR for the last ten years the same has been said, but sure there must be a breaking point to how bad Sentai can do. The fact that they're willing to do such a radical shakeoff must mean that the alternative is just straight up cancelling the show. That plus Shirakura saying in an interview back when Zenkaiger was starting that if he doesn't do something Sentai would dissappear must mean it's a real possibility this time.
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2021.12.04 06:19 RahLMG Can someone please make the diamonds in my necklace really pop and shine like real diamonds?

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2021.12.04 06:19 WhovianForever There are at least 6 confirmed Joe Biden's

There are at least 6 confirmed Joe Biden's:
Blue Eyed Joe 46a this is the Original Joe Biden, born in Scranton, Pa and is a lifelong Delaware Politician. This is the one people 'voted' for. He is distinguished by his Irish Blue eyes, he is right handed. Original Joe Biden appears to be mentally and physically incapacitated. He rarely travels outside of Washington DC and his two Delaware homes. There are rumours he is not medically cleared to fly above 25,000' altitude and primarily travels by Amtrak or Helicopter. Most of his morning consists on being spoon-fed Orange Juice, by his lovely wife Jill, and sucking on Melba Toast™.
Black Eyed Joe 46b this is an imposter. BEJ is distinguished by his coal black eyes, it should also be noted that BEJ is ambidextrous. This is the one that appeared in the Presidential debates and at several campaign rallies.
Cotton Eyed Joe 46c CEJ is straight up animatronics, he is rarely seen in speaking engagements. CEJ is never used on the East Coast due to the high humidity causing problems with the circuitry. CEJ was recently spotted in Colorado. CEJ is distinguished by what appears to be a zipper on the back of his scalp. Some theorize this is a charging port. Due to the sensitive electronics, 46c is not known to shower with children.
Joe-Bob aka Biden-Barker 46d Yes, Bob Barker from the Price Is Right has been used as a body double for Joe Biden at numerous events and on TV. Bob Barker has long been rumoured to be a CIA Operative and this just makes sense. It should also be noted that both Joe Biden and Bob Barker are animal welfare advocates and encourage people to 'adopt not shop' and to 'Spay or Neuter your pets'.
Joe Biden5 46e is the actor Jim Carrey revising his role as Fire Marshall Bill
Joe Biden6 46f is rarely used, and portrayed by actor Arthur Roberts
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2021.12.04 06:19 Odd_Carpenter3638 Is MSc finance job market that bad in the UK?

Hi I am a fairly old(26yr) south east asian candidate, with fairly average grades in undergrad(accounting and finance) and part completed ACCA, trying to get my MSc Finance from a few non-target/tier 2,3(QMUL, Exeter, Bath etc) universities in the UK. I don't mind working anywhere in the UK. Anyone done this before and has any idea about the job market for Tier 2/3 unis, I don't have very high aspirations for a career in IB but I'd like a corporate finance job if everything works out fine.
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2021.12.04 06:19 ForeverGing3r They say "The worst thing she can say is no". What's a worse thing she could say?

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2021.12.04 06:19 Johnnyin1 ENG PR Wolves VS Liverpool--Match Preview

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2021.12.04 06:19 borderlineOK Tips på mysiga fik i centrum?

Kanske med en brasa eller nåt annat mysigt.
Är inte nödvändigtvis jultema jag söker efter, men något mysigt nu i vintertid.
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2021.12.04 06:19 Kindred_gg_wp What is the state of TBC?

Hello, I played TBC at lunch but stopped at lvl 68 cause my guild disbanded and could not find and chill players, I was just running into try-hards and that was not the way I wanted to play the game... Now I want to get back, cause I love TBC, so my question is, how is the state of the game, is it worth coming back since I don't have anything yet, not attunements, no gear, no gold, no guild? I played on Golemagg EU which still seems to be high pop server
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2021.12.04 06:19 penisenvy2645 ANOVA squid recipe. Highly recommended

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2021.12.04 06:19 madrespect55 July 2020 24 LQ leaked

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2021.12.04 06:19 sramder No fish is safe!

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