Im waiting for all you doms and femdoms out there

2022.01.19 07:47 Station-Zealousideal Im waiting for all you doms and femdoms out there

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2022.01.19 07:47 thebigshortbus What’s the strangest item of clothing you own that has been used in a sexual context?

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2022.01.19 07:47 SnooSquirrels9804 Lottery Successes

Hey guys, I’ve been consciously practicing the law since June last year to get my SP back. I reached out to Bryan for coaching late last year and we began right away. He broke down a lot of what I already knew further as I already had a decent understanding of the bible and Neville’s work, which has helped me progress in my practice. A side mission of mine is to accrue more wealth and become financially stable without having to work if I didn’t want to, to focus on other freelance goals and spending time simply doing anything I want to do.
I thought an easy way to do this was to win lotteries, knowing that it’s simple to get numbers that are a result of how much I believe. I started smaller lots to build the faith and gradually increased my winnings as a result of faith tested. I have now won a few lots valued from 200-1000 and working on much bigger wins. I still work because I enjoy it and it keeps me busy for now but it’s comforting knowing I can leave anytime.
And it was simple. All I did was affirm and felt the feeling that I always had money for expenses and that my dream car (which I also consciously manifested) is always fuelled and regularly serviced without delay. I don’t pick numbers, because I just know what I get will work. You can if you want but why overcomplicate it? The law is simple but you must do the work and don’t be lazy, which is a fallacy I see here often. All I did was close my eyes, see my winning ticket, and embodied the feeling.
A bible verse that is a personal favourite of mine is “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” Corinthians 2, chapter 4 verse 18. The unseen reality is the one you want, fix yourself to it and the seen reality (3D) will fade away. I hope this kicks some people in the ass to get to work. Any question you could possibly ask would have been answered in here so if you ask you might have just skimmed and not absorbed. Be doers, not just hearers of the law.
Thanks guys, you’ll be hearing more successes from me soon.
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2022.01.19 07:47 kkthxbye123 Breaking into content design (a free conference track)

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2022.01.19 07:47 SkyRider6453 When is the cutoff time today?

When was it last week?
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2022.01.19 07:47 Blackshroud Mail Day!

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2022.01.19 07:47 balalopilav I recommend playing Sonic Colors! Very cool abilities and great use of the double screens.

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2022.01.19 07:47 Feawed_by_jeff dab

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2022.01.19 07:47 hindsightisbeautiful If I could turn back time

Dear C,
This is no good. Every day I wake up regretting the fact that I kept my walls up and didn't let you in. I did like you. While you were away over Christmas the if's, buts, and maybes went out if the window. You weren't talking to me and I wanted to reconcile. I had a lot in my plate, but I should have made you the priority. I didn't know what to say. When I eventually tried sending you flowers with an apology note, that didn't go to plan.
I very much doubt you will read this. If you did, you might be upset or annoyed. I really just wish there was some phrase I could use that would make you see that I do realise how much I was in the wrong for my actions and inactions.
You have my current phone number now. If you do ever want to talk about it, do ring or text, WhatsApp, whatever you prefer. I will make time for you, and listen, even if you just want to know why I did this thing or that thing.
I do still miss you. I try not to think about what could have been, it isn't easy.
I have nothing but admiration for you.
Yours sincerely,
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2022.01.19 07:47 Docwho1110 20 Fucking Days

Damn proud of myself and I know that this is just the beginning.
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2022.01.19 07:47 OkDay6211 Lyna Perez - So F.ucking Hot !!

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2022.01.19 07:47 postmodernjukebox Big Kill - Rose Coloured Ear Drums

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2022.01.19 07:47 RegExrBot Pop! Comics: Trese - Alexandra Trese Exclusive (Chase) now available at Big Bad Toy Store

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2022.01.19 07:47 Jake_cutz Good morning sweetheart

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2022.01.19 07:47 OkDay6211 Lyna Perez - So F.ucking Hot !!

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2022.01.19 07:47 igotnonamern Something i wanted to talk about :)

To all the people who've given up on relationships and marriage because of adultery,I was one of you too but here's a few things I wish to share. Its a pretty long message. If I'm wrong somewhere,definitely put it up in the comments,I'm fairly young so I'm open to any criticism about this as I haven't experienced marriage at all. People in my family have had long relationships,till death ones and these are a few things I've seen and want to do it in my relationship too when I find one. My parents just had their 35 anniversary this Monday and a lot is what I learnt from them. They'd laugh it off if someone comes and tells them the other is having an affair and my dad literally gives his entire salary with bonus because my mum is great at financial planning. No secrets,tons of stupid jokes,bitching about the kids before them, i hope I can have what they have one day.
You have to notice this sub just focuses on adultery so it seems huge. I mean you go to a sub with a weird fetish and thats all you see,you can't assume everybody has that fetish. There's tons of people who don't cheat or better,hate it with a passion,bring it up innocently when you date,maybe watch the titanic movie and tell how you can never fully support rose cause of the cheating,see their reasoning. There's loads of movies on cheating,make an innocent remark and this opens up a discussion,if you remove your attraction to them aside,these few sentences will actually tell you where they stand. Do they give excuses or do they agree with you. If your friend or family member has been cheated on,go to them for some moral support,and see how they react ,just these little things when noticed tell you a lot. See their friends,are they loyal. Bring up the Redd it and the adultery sub,are they disgusted once they read a few posts. If not? Thats a red flag.
When things do get serious,talk openly,tell them it isn't them but you need to put this on the table before committing fully,that you would leave and never look back if they cheated and you know that most affairs start with a communication gap about issues and sex,so if they have a problem,no matter what you need them to talk to you and you'll react well,not blame them but discuss and STAND BY IT. Assure them you hate cheating even the emotional one and tell them they can sleep at night knowing you are loyal. YOU GIVE LOYALTY AND SO YOU EXPECT IT BACK. Tell them you'll be supportive and nice even if you guys separate but you'll hate them if they ever cheat and if there is a personal reason for that even better,you or someone you know getting cheated. Drive the point across firmly. Sometimes they might take it bad,you know why would you think about me like that. be calm and make sure to tell them its not them but anybody in their place would be having this conversation now.
This might be a bit hard for some but be willing to accept that they'll find others more attractive than you and its okay,you will too. If there's one thing I learnt from my parents marriage is the ability to make fun of this. If they are hot,admit they are hot,she's got a great ass,omg wow,he's got amazing abs,wow. This opens up convos about appreciating a fellow human,maybe even throw a compliment their way,this allows them to see this as very normal and not hide it. A few hot people here and there and dinners out get fun. But be sure to always end it to say they might look good but you're what I need. I love you and all the cheezy stuff. If someone is trying to hit on you or even if ex's contact you back,keep them involved,tell them this happened and this is what you're replying. They'll do the same,don't get jealous (its hard ik),don't get possessive. When they tell you to stop talking to a friend of the opposite sex,dont just laugh it off,ask them why they feel that way,and maybe they'd be okay if you bring them along whenever you meet them or reduce the meets to once in a while or even if thats a work colleague,may be take them to dinner with the colleague and their SO. Offer to show them your phone for messages,and instead of making them sound like a jealous one,do what you need to assure them. And don't ever,I mean ever bring up the jealousy again or the accusation when they get doubtful again. Its pretty sure you're doing something wrong thats making them doubt,even if you don't mean to do that. The work husband and work wife,yeah don't do that. Thats stupid.
Post a pic of them and you on social media,you don't use it,its fine,just post one. Its a way to show them you aren't hiding things on social media. If you have a job that involves traveling,make sure to do a bit when you do come back,don't be too over compensating,it drives the wrong point across. If they like an actor or actress thats hot,make it a strength,they aren't gonna marry Angelina jolie,maybe cross play or surprise them by taking them to one of her movies,tell them you aren't a fan but if he is a fan,you can be one too. You get my point here right. Don't use sex as a weapon,as a way to get back at them,thats something I've noticed being talked about in that sub.
This isn't related to adultery but have a regime,it can be big or small without the kids. Maybe a dinner every month,an activity every month,name it yours and do it no matter what. It can be silly,it can be romantic or straight up weird to people around you but do it. Something my parents marriage taught me. I didnt wanna include this but religion can be a filtering factor too,mind you not all religious are good and loyal.
Baseline though,this is just things you can do to make your relationship more open,open to hard conversations made easy. End of the day,if someone still wants to cheat,they will and nothing you do will stop them. It isn't you,don't let anyone tell you that and don't forgive if you don't want to. I'm not a pro-reconciliation person but people can change and sometimes they don't too. I just can't personally give them the benefit of doubt. Be smart. Have your finances in order and like my mum always said,have things not related to your husband or your kids,your own activity you enjoy,your own set of friends,make them a part of your life,not your entire life. Its less hurtful when things go wrong and you don't get suicidal or loose purpose. If you are a SAHM,maybe try to do some online part time if you can,its never wise to depend fully on a human so inconsistent. being open helps the other person to be open too and hard talks drive your point across. It might be hard to get in a relationship after all the scum you've seen in this world but don't deprive yourself of a chance to find love or a partner because of a select few assholes. You deserve it and don't let someones actions make you question it. If you have a bit of money,prenup that shit,nothing hurts more than seeing your money go to a cheater and their bitch.
All in all,you'll be fine,there's loads of people who hate cheating,many who had amazing marriages,loyal marriages because they took the leap. Everyday is a leap,you may die someday but that shouldn't stop you from living. You may or may not get cheated on someday,but that shouldn't stop you from finding meaningful relationships. End of the day,the greatest essence of human life,is to love and feel loved. Don't deprive yourself a chance of that. And side note,I'm glad I got this community,y'all are the absolute best xx
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2022.01.19 07:47 OkDay6211 Lyna Perez - So F.ucking Hot !!

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2022.01.19 07:47 OkDay6211 Lyna Perez - So F.ucking Hot !!

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2022.01.19 07:47 i-am-a-no-one What's like one good reason to not kms with all the shit going on in my life?

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2022.01.19 07:47 R_I_P_Crypto Funding Minor Roth

Hello Tax,
My 5yo son and I setup and maintain a device which can earn us maybe $100-200 a month. This will be claimed on our household taxes. My question is can I file his taxes and have him claim the amount? This way he’ll have earned income and be able to contribute to a Roth.
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